Free Report Reveals: 
"How To Use Google And Facebook Ads to Scale Your 
Physical Therapy Clinic"

In Just 36 pages, discover how the exact steps for adding $250,000 per year with Online Marketing
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Here's Just Some Of What's Inside This Free 36 Page Special Report...

  • 5 ways to get more leads and patients to your website using Google and Facebook (Starts on Page 7)
  • Which is best Google or Facebook? That depends, find out on Page 18...
  • ​The big challenges with getting Google Ads right... and how to overcome each one...
  • ​The no.1 reason you SHOULD NOT invest in Google/Facebook ads (Page13)
  • ​Bidding and budgeting - how to know what to spend without spending more than you have to 
  • ​Who to target - and how...
  • ​How much TIME to invest in your online marketing - and how to reduce it (Page17)
  • ​The most important part of setting up a Google ad (that most people also get wrong)
  • ​The secret to boosting your Google Ads response that almost everyone overlooks (Page 21)
  • ​What Google loves and doesn't love if you want to get to No.1 (Page 11 onwards)
  • ​The "Three Ring Marketing Department" - what it is and why EVERY clinic must have this... (Page 19)
  • ​The 3 biggest challenges to scaling with online marketing - and how to overcome each one (Pg.16)
  • ​How to spend your online marketing budget without wasting a small fortune (Page 7)
  • ​What to do if you're frustrated by your online marketing efforts or you're just fed up wasting time trying to get it right (Page 22)
  • ​How to get going online - even if you've got no online marketing expertise  (Page 23)
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