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If you’re at all interested in learning how Paul and his team can help you scale your practice by attracting more online patients - in the same way he did at his own clinic - request a 100% FREE DISCOVERY CALL where you can discover and decide if it's right for you. Simply complete the short survey at the very bottom of this page...

The 5 Things You're Going To Discover 
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  • Whether or not your clinic is even ready for scale. Do you have the right type of clinic that makes scaling possible? Not every clinic does and this is something we will need to discuss with you. 
  • Whether or not your clinic is an area that is even able scale using online marketing - some towns and cities work better than others online. We'll share our experience with you  (if not, at least you will know and you will not be wasting your time and money. Plus, if not, we’ll talk to you about other ways to scale that will be more favourable to your area.)
  • ​Which online marketing is likely to work best for you given your situation - is it Google Ads, Bing, Instagram or Facebook? Or a combination of all four?
  • ​Can your clinic handle the extra "stress". Online provides a LOT of leads, the question that often needs to be asked is "are you ready for that influx?" Can you even handle 20-30 new leads per month? 
  • Whether or not hiring Paul Gough's world-class team is right for you. If so, how it works, how you participate, what is done for you, what is expected by you and what results are realistically possible for you given your ad budget and the location and size of your clinic. ​

Simply Answer These Questions below and then Submit Your Request For A 45 Min Discovery Call:

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How would hiring Paul's team help you?

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